C4G is your go-to partner for implementing professional & cost effective turnkey solutions to help your Event, Business, and Organization to become Greener!

As your sustainability service provider, CFG implements proven and affordable turnkey solutions specially designed around our four (4) key pillars of sustainability to help your organization maximize Economic, Environmental, and Social value!

We help you to reduce landfill waste & disposal cost, while establishing sustainability practices throughout your operations that reduce your carbon footprint and engage with your community.


What's your number?

C4G sustainable apparel is proudly made from plastic bottles we collect and recycle. Every piece of Champions for GREEN apparel has a number on the hem tag representing the number of bottles used to make each piece of apparel. Its more than a number, it a conversation starter around your commitment to sustainability.

So what’s your #?

Mission Statement

At Champions for GREEN, we're committed to helping our customers close the loop and implement economically sustainable circular economies! Our mission is to provide businesses and individuals with comprehensive recycling, sustainability, and circular economy solutions along with a wide array of sustainably made apparel, uniforms, & products. By implementing sustainable green-centric events and recycling waste into functional & fashionable apparel, we're not just creating products—we're crafting a GREENER future for all. Join us, and remember to #alwaysgofortheGREEN

Circular Economy Apparel Process to Close the Loop

Circular Economy Apparel Process to Close the Loop

It starts with our Champions for GREEN connected, collaborative, transparent, eco-supply chain that ensures that all of the plastic bottles we collect nationwide get recycled into sustainable raw materials and then turned back into sustainable performance apparel. We collect millions of plastic bottles are send them to our Material Recovery Facility “MRF” network. Once received, plastic bottles get chopped up, washed, cleaned, and turned into clean flakes, then melted, purified and extruded into sustainable raw material “SRM” pellets. Our SRM pellets are then converted into fiber where we embed our performance package including 4-Way Stretch, Moisture Wicking, Anti-Microbial, UPF50, and Cool-Tech technology. Our performance fibers are then woven into fabrics for our Champions for GREEN Sustainable Apparel and Uniforms.

Giving Back Green

Giving Back Green

At Champions for GREEN, we are committed to making a positive impact in every community we serve! Through our GIVING BACK GREEN initiatives, we have proudly partnered with a variety of meaningful causes!

When it comes to GIVING BACK, there's no boundary. We proudly collaborate with designated causes in a number of ways including financial donations, donating sustainable products and apparel, and more!

To learn more about our Giving Back GREEN programs, and get involved, 

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Become Our Partner

Become Our Partner

Serving as your comprehensive sustainability partner, we empower you to incorporate a wide range of sustainability solutions, from waste reduction and recycling to the use of sustainable products and practices. Our services are tailored to suit your needs, allowing you to be as sustainable as you want to be!

What sets Champions for GREEN apart is our full service in-house Recycling, Sustainability, Circular Economy capabilities and eco supply chain resources built over 30 years, to provide your business, organization, and events with the highest level of sustainability expertise and implementation service.  

Our sustainability products and solutions have been specially designed around four (4) key pillars of sustainability, focusing on your economic, environmental, and social sustainability.   

We recycle a broad spectrum of waste materials, from plastic bottles, aluminum cans, to plastic bags, packaging, and beyond, weaving a compelling sustainability narrative for your organization.

But we don't stop at recycling. We also help you transform your waste into brand-new sustainable apparel and products, building your circular economy. Through Champions for GREEN services, your waste doesn't just disappear—it gets a second life!


We proudly donate 5% of our net proceeds from the sale of Champions for GREEN sustainable apparel to our designated charitable organizations

Join us at Champions for GREEN and be a part of this sustainable transformation!