• Small Events (under 1,000 attendees)
  • Mid to Large Events (1,000 - 25,000+ attendees)
  • Mega Events ( 25,000 – 100,000+ attendees)
  • Beach & Clean Up Events
  • Local Sports Outings, Sporting Events, Sports Clubs
  • Local Community Fairs 
  • Boat Shows, Fishing Tournaments
  • Music Festivals, Concerts, Live Performances
  • Food & Wine Festivals 
  • Corporate Events, Conventions, Conferences, Tradeshows
  • Corporate Fund Raisers, Retreats
  • Political Rallies, Campaign Events
  • Religious Gatherings 
  • Tourism, Travel Expos
  • Mega Sporting Events
  • State & County Fairs 
  • Airshows & Aviation Events 
  • & more


  • Recycling, Waste Collection, Zero Waste Implementation
  • Sustainability Toolkit (with 250+ Sustainability Services, Solutions, Products)
  • Eco Educational Solutions, Interactive Eco Educational Pavilion 
  • Eco Conscious Brand Partnerships 
  • Sustainable Event Apparel & Products
  • Sustainable Event Flooring, Fixtures, Furniture, & more
  • Circular Economy Event Implementation (your waste becomes new event products)
  • Environmental Impact Reporting 
  • Giving Back Sustainable Charitable Partnerships

Our Approach to Sustainability

At Champions for GREEN Events, we transform events into sustainable experiences. Here's how:


Serving as your comprehensive sustainability partner, we empower you to make your events as sustainable as possible, by incorporating a wide range of CFG sustainability solutions. From waste reduction and chain of custody recycling, access to our eco supply chain toolkit with 250+ sustainable operational products and practices, to eco educational and guest engagement initiatives including CFG eco pavilions, and more. Our services are tailored to suit your needs, allowing you to be as sustainable as you want to be!

Who we have worked with:

Our Four Pillars of Sustainability

Recycling & Sustainability

Education & Engagement

Sustainable Products & Packaging

Giving Back